When the night has come, and the venue is dark…

Glow Guy is the ONLY light you’ll see.

No power supply nearby? Worried about an outage?
Battery-powered Glow Guy’s got you.

Want to add a sparkle to your nighttime and/or indoor event without the risk of fire?

Glow Show is your perfect solution for:

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Hmm… How Does This Show Work?

Glow Guy’s Show combines state-of-the-art LED technology with expert juggling and stunt performances. He uses specialized equipment like LED sticks, graphic poi, and a dazzling LED costume to create a mesmerizing and funny light show. Every move and light is synced to music, creating a rhythmic, visually stunning performance.
Want to add this experience to your event?

The Glow Guy Show

is designed to be enjoyed by everyone, anywhere

Here’s how it lights up your event:
Moreover, this show is:
There’s zero chance Glow Guy can’t perform at your event. (unless you didn’t book him!)

What to Expect from Glow Shows

When you add this dazzling performance on your event, expect the audience to:

Watch in Amazement

When you add this dazzling performance on your event, expect the audience to:

Come Together to Celebrate

His performances draw the crowd into the festivities, making your event a memorable experience.

Look Forward to Your Next Events

With his amazing tricks, stunts, and quick humor, your guests are sure to thank you for giving them a great time.

Let Glow Guy Give You These Results at Your Next Event
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The Glow Guy’s Gleaming Performance is Perfect for:

Ski Resorts

Parking Lot Shows

Main Street Events

Corporate Parties



Fairs and Festivals

Shopping Mall Events


Let’s dazzle your guests, family, and friends.

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Make your guests experience the same glow.
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